Welcome to the New Version of IsThisLegit!

Time for an update and an upgrade

Hello there,

We have some special news for you!

You can now add your own favorite money-making websites to our directory. On top of that we allow you to insert your affiliate link!

You can customize the site profile and add information about the website when you want. Try it now!

With this, we can now deliver more accurate information about money-making websites.


We’re also still working on the website and have plans to expand the directory and add more listing types. It’s possible that the website you want to submit gets denied due to the fact we’re working on a better listing type for it.

Not yet supported (we’ll update this list):

  • DeFi(s)
  • HYIPs
  • ICOs & Tokens listings
  • Gambling sites
  • Exchanges
  • URL shorteners
  • AirDrops
  • Mobile apps

We do need more time for this due to the fact we need to redesign the whole profile page. Don’t worry, we’re on it!

There’s more to come but we’ll keep that as a secret for now.

See you on the website